Pastor Mark's Newsletter (October 2016)

What a mighty God we serve! No wonder the angels bow before Him, heaven and earth adore Him and declare His great glory and holiness! No matter what is happening in the world at large or your personal world, God is on the throne and sovereignly working to perform His will in heaven and on earth (Mt. 6:10). 

What is your view of God? Your view of God will determine how you live your life as well as the end result of it. Paul challenges us in the book of Ephesians to live up to the position and blessing God has ordained for our lives (Eph. 1:5; 2:6). While God has not called Christians to live in a bed of flowery ease, He has called us to a high and holy life filled with all kinds of exciting encounters. Even the events in our lives that are troublesome and seem to be catastrophes God takes them to mold our character and uses them to fit us for His purposes and to share in His eternal glory (I Peter 5:4). 

What began as a meeting filled with hurt, confusion, and disappointment some months back produced a seed that brought about the rebirth of the AWANA program again at TTBC. This ministry to children has generated an excitement and a new enthusiasm for ministry. Only this morning, September 29th, when I went to pick up my grandchildren to take them to school, they were going over their AWANA books and memorizing the Scripture verses; to become workers, not ashamed. God is doing an awesome ministry with these children who the future leaders of the church and the country. 

God is also working in a mighty way through the CEF, “After School Club” at Concord Elementary School, with Kim Martin and her team from TTBC along with Chad Harris and his team from Calvary Baptist.  The growth of the program this year has been exponential with kids excited to learn about Jesus and His salvation! God is good! He is awesome! God is working! Praise His name!